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Who says u r never jailed!

An unwanted wait in a place u don’t really like for a crime for some assault or crime. That’s what’s the definition of Jail is in general, if m not wrong.

But its more dramatic when the cops come and handcuff u in front of people who know u very well, making u feel guilty and ashamed of urself. Well leaving the drama part aside as its really painful for the ones who’ve been through it. There are rebels & there are criminals too. The law is equal for both. Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh ent to jail and Telgi, Raja, Kasab were also jailed. I think getting jailed has a direct connection with our life span.


Do you remember when you wanted to go and meet someone who was important for you (may b as love, client or a friend etc) and someone stopped u and made u wait and stay with him for no good reason or your vehicle got breakdown or it rained heavily and u had to stay at your home. Imagine another example when someone has taken ur appointment to meet u, and ur waiting nd waiting for him/her at your office/ home and u’ve been calling him from a long time to come fast, but that person will take his own time to reach u and ur stuck in your place getting bored or getting irritated by the whole episode. Finally that person arrives after wasting half of ur energy  on cursing him ;).. Well that’s no less than getting jailed. Thinking further, what was your fault? What mistake did u do afterall to be at the losing end. Well nothing on earth happens without a reason. You are born with a specific lifespan say 50 yrs, 60-70 or 80 years (figures may vary) now for all the wrong deeds u’ve done (either ethically, morally) in your current life or previous life (since I believe in reincarnation) there were many events when u got away with your crimes for which you were liable for punishment. Like u’ve tortured a street dog, or u’ve cheated on ur girlfriend, or u lied for something to achieve ur ulterior motive. This punishment in will come to you when u least expect it, it will utilize some amount of time from your entire lifespan, as we all know that the most precious thing in our life is time.

That’s why you tend to get pissed off and say ‘gorsh what am I doing here, ye main kaha aake phas gaya, when the hell will I leave from here.. this nd that.. This time delay will restrict u from doing something productive or restrict u from enjoying or take away your freedom and peace of mind but for those who are intelligent will find a way to deal with this also. A friendly advice to all the fellow neighbours of this blog, always dwell on the ’minimum loss’ policy. Already the damage has been done so what can u do to repair it? Nothing. But there are still many many things u can do to repair urself, don’t loose ur patience. Live in the moment and deal with it, take my words it will make u emerge as a more stronger person, u’ll gain ur own respect and people will also respect u if u deal with time delays maturely.

Rather we should feel lucky that u r free to do whatever u want to and talking about some short time delays, well it’s just a part of life, so understand the fact that to every problem there is progress and profit. Understand this fact a.s.a.p and move on. I know its east to say & difficult to do, bu u don’t hav a choice anyways. 🙂

Universe, Space – Hidden Answers, Infinity & Mysterious Awesomeness

Ever-since I gained a grip on my conscience , there’s this feeling that excites me to the core, this one thing that never fails to catch my attention & gets me thinking bout its state of awesomeness! Everytime I see a solar eclipse, venus, Haley’s comet, everytime I witness a galactic event, I can’t stop falling in love with it. The problem is the more I think the more it boggles my mind. I am talking about the ‘universe & space’.

Full of stars, chemicals, nebulas, light, planets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies, blackholes and then earth.  If we just leave aisde our daily chaotic life where we are too occupied dealing with life & its issues like highs-lows-love-job-appreciation-depreciation-ipods-success-failures-frustration-inferiority-superiority-black-white-etc.. and if we just zoom out we see we live in  a beautiful planet which is surrounded by the etheric space all around. Try doing it when ur stuck in a traffic jam, just look up the sky, try looking up when ur finding an address nd ur finding its becoming difficult for u to find it, try looking up when ur repairing ur vehicles puncture, just look up nd u’ll just laugh at this whole chaos.

Now the very first question that always comes to my mind whenever I start thinking bout space is – how big is it? How far is it? What’s beyond it? Is it actually a space inside a space? Are there many more earths like ours? If there is any then are the creatures over there evolved? Or are we evolved upto their standards? Is there any limit to this darkness? Is the big-bang theory true? Does our soul travel through space after death? What is its parameter? Phew.. too much to think about I know.. bu that’s how mysterious it is even more interesting that your girlfriend 😉 I think it’s the most mindboggling topic to work on & I m extremely proud to find the explorations & achievements being done by people various astrophysicists across the globe especially Russian Astronauts & NASA.

We are the most dominant specie alive on this planet, we are just everywhere & we’ve made a huge mess by disturbing the ecological balance, by cutting down the trees, killing animals, etc. Having done so, it becomes our responsibility at the same time to take on this expedition since we’ve got I.Q. I believe it’s the prime, frontier & most Nobel task humans can do. Unfortunately one human’s lifetime isn’t enough to explore even a bit, so there needs to be a series of lives, generations, working dedicatedly on one project. Sounds difficult practically, bu that’s what will unreveal a lotta myseries.

The human expedition journey to space (which will certainly happen one day) will equally require the the chain-series of mankind. Generations will be reproduced in the spaceship to carry forward the expedition to the next level.

We are programmed to be patriot since our birth. “India is my country, all Indian are my brothers & sisters..” remember? By doing so we are restricting ourselves to the country code which are created  by us only. Dinosaurs were not patriot, they just belonged here, similarly I think we should be the bigger person and do not indulge ourselves into doing time-killing activities. We’ve got just one life to live, and by the time you finish reading this blog u’ll realize that u’ve spent a quarter of your lifespan already.

I remember Late. Kalpana Chawla (lady of honor) said “ Iam a citizen of earth”. That literally moved me, thought at least there’s one human being who is not corrupted by nationality.

Ages have passed and we’ve known that spiritually awakened people generally these questions like – Who am I? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of this life? Well my friends that’s the purpose of life. The best thing a man can do is to dedicate his life in exploring more & more about this universe & its possibilities.

Its black, its endless. Galileo made a lotta great discoveries, Einstein became an astrophysicist, Stephen Hawkings dedicated his entire life to space & discoveries of this universe, Hubble invented the great Hubble telescope, which snapped natures some of the most marvelous & surprising images like a star becoming a pulsar, blackholes taking its toll over galactic bodies and sucking even the light , beautiful debris of gases around a nebula. Oh my Gorsh it’s the most adventurous thing gifted by nature. Unexplored, unending, undying, and beyond our imagination.

By the way did you know that we ‘re not sure if Orion Constellation still exists. Now u might say that we can see it in the night sky, then how is it possible? Well, Orion is 1340 Light Years away from Earth and we all know that stars do have a specific lifespan, so just in case one of the star from Orion Constellation has exhausted all its fuel, it will take us another 1340 years to figure that out as the light emitted by that star is still continuing to travel to us. Isn’t that a crazy fact?

Our lives are also a gift of stars, we  are technically ‘Stardust’, we’ve got magnesium, calcium, carbon, iron, oxygen, nitrogen and every other component that the space has in it. The next big question would be if the formation of earth just a co-incidence or is there a purpose behind that too. I am not a believer of God, but I do believe that there exists a superpower, a force an unsaid rule that binds & defines our life.

We’ve discovered the power of nuclear energy and also have developed nuclear energy plants (on a positive side) & have developed nuclear bombs (on a negative side) but, the point to think is that it took mankind a rwal long time to finally develop it, now nuclear energy is not something new, it is the result of energy on Sun & other stars so imagine how many more possible discoveries and inventions are still pending, if discovering nuclear energy took us lakhs of years then how many more lakhs years will it take to solve the mystery of time, purpose of life-death, human clones & more..

Each & everything in our lives is directly linked with space. For example – we’ve been taught since childhood – As you sow so shall u reap, which means that if u do good things u will get good returns someday & vice-versa.  Sir Newton simplified it in scientific language by stating its 3rd law – To every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. Now its not something new, its just a discovery, a great one indeed. We all know that to every star’s collision there’s an equal amount of friction resulting into a specific amount of emission of energies like light, heat, sound & nuclear energy. 2 Hydrogen atoms contribute to form Hydrogen Gas. The position of stars contributes to shaping the events in our lives, this science is named ‘Astrology’ similarly one male sperm and an one female egg contributes to give birth to a child. It is all based on the basic natural principal of space, so the point I want to convey here is that if we need an answer, the answer is right there in the space.

Miss Universe is a the ultimate beauty crown rewarded to the deserving lady, I seriously hope, she understands what worth this crown has.

Time Travel



I think I won’t be exaggerating when I say that the biggest dream a man can ever dream is to conquer Time & Space. Space expeditions are on and a lot of impossible ventures were executed to the best of its possibility. A herculean task still remains pending before the entire mankind.



What about the conquest of TIME?

What if we could go back to the past and change the future or peep into the future from this moment. Seems impossible isn’t it. Lotta movie av already attempted to cover this topic. There was a cool theory as per Eisenstein’s theory I saw it in discovery that if you somehow manage to travel at a speed faster than the speed of light you would practically enter the next time zone. Technically u wud enter the future. But human body is practically not designed to travel under such a great speed, so they sent a particle instead to travel at a speed faster than that of light, and said that that particle went to the future, I really don’t know whats up with that theory today but it was a good one.

Movies have been showing us about time travel only through some magic trick or through the time machine concept. But I personally feel the key to time travel is not a machine, it is the human brain rather. The conquest of Human Brain will bring us the Conquest of Time.


In Mahabharata Dhritarashtra’s person used to see whats happening at the battlefield and he used to narrate the description to Dhritarashtra, called Doordrishti. Now we got TV and we can also do the same thing what they used to do at time. We could see the dead on TV today, like we can see an interview of Late Ambarish Puri for instance. We can actually see the past. So are we really that advanced today? What I am trying to say is that if Mahabharata is true then their lived such developed brains who could use such powers of their brain. But today we depend on technology after thousands of years. We are also the same humans rather more civilized more developed, I think if we use the brain near to its maximum potential through mind control or meditation we could discover and experience the other dimensions of life like time.


I mean why can’t we use the memory of people who are dead, it’s a storage device of memory. It holds d access to the events that happened in front of him in his lifespan. We can view know exactly what event took place in past? I Think it’s totally possible and it is going to happen. Our minds got immense potential, similar to what happened in Mahabharata and other mind boggling mythologies we can also develop our intuitive senses thru meditation… Imagine what if we meditate and catch the frequency (audio/video) that was emitted some thousand year ago nd decode the message to interpret it in our language, see through the whole event, I believe that’s possible, dat would make sense to the term ‘TIME TRAVEL’ you can know what went wrong, or what was the exact message that dead dude ever wanted to convey before he died, or even see Edison in his lab, or napoleon fighting on d battlefield etc.. its like a cctv concept. I hope we get it for sale soon though.


M nt kidding.


Phir roshan kar zeher ka pyaala, chamka nai salibe!!

Long live the people who were so damn ready even to die to prove their point. No I am not talking bout the overhyped terrorists here. Probably u must be wondering what kinda wicked blog post is dis bud dis is the lyrical expansion of Jagjit Singh’s Ghazal ‘Garaj Baras’, if u haven’t heard it yet do listen it. Its got a gigantic philosophical upheaval & a deep meaning hidden inside.


Before I open up, I would like you to put a thought to what would be the meaning of

“Phir roshan kar zeher ka pyaala, chamka nai salibe!!”

Well I know its kinda difficult so I’ll decipher it. The poet here is making a cry to the lord which means in word-to-word context.

Phir roshan kar zeher ka pyaala = Let he be born again who would raise a toast of poison and have the courageous heart to drink it too.

Chamka nai salibe = Let the cross shine for the braveheart who is ready to get crucified. (Salibe means Cross)


It refers to the nobel and dignified ‘Socrates’ and ‘Jesus’ (and many of those who walked the talk like them)

The poet is complaining why are such kind of people not found now a days who have a heart like Socrates or Jesus. Socrates was sentenced the death penalty as his preachings did not match the contemporary practice and it also went against the God at that time, Socrates had lot of fan-following at that time in Greece (like Sri Sri ravi Shankar or probably Ramdeobaba has now), he had a great and famous disciple called ‘Plato’, u can imagine if the disciple is Plato then how powerful would his Guru Socrates be. His beloved ones suggested him ways to escape the death and run away from the penalty, but Socrates turned his head away to the idea of running away, he said I would rather embrace death and die with dignity as I am correct, and I don’t fear death if it’s the cost for truth & my philosophy. Else everybody would remain in the dark in future. Socrates took the poison which brought climax to his life.

Needless to mention Jesus was also crucified despite people loved him, but he was ready for the pain of torture and death.


Phew.. I was moved when I found out the meaning of this Ghazal, Jagjit Singh is credited for singing it, but in my opinion the credit goes to the writer here, that’s the pity that the content writers are nowhere given the credit that they deserve, all the credits falls into the lap of the artist anyways I also have another example of Bhagat Singh, I mean what would have been the state of mind of Bhagat, Rajguru, and his comrade rebel I seriously wonder when they sang ‘Mera Rang de basanti chola..’ before their  death. What an amazing feeling it might have been that he would now just die before the world and set a f^*%@~$ great example!


Why don’t we see such examples today? Whats up with the world, whats up with us? We see so many ill practices around us everyday and we tend to ignore it and just let it be the way it is. Are we born so weak? Is the rebel inside us dead? Or have we learnt to compromise on everything? When will we wake from our sleeps? I wonder.


I’ve got no point to prove or convey through this post but at least I want this thought to make space in ur subconscious. Probably u might pass it on or spread it and it reaches the real hero!


I wonder at times if I were born in the Indian independence struggle I would have definitely been a rebel to britishers. Having said that I also appreciate their good works like infrastructural developments and command over governing, but their practices weren’t good. Whatever happens, happens for the good. May be m born just at the right time at the right place, this life is under my control. I can do my bit now.


If everyone of us understands our basic responsibility the nation will prosper automatically, its really not in the hands of the politicians, its in our hands.


“Kar chale hum fida jan-o-tan saathiyo ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo”


Ajay Devgan rocked in the movie ‘The legend of Bhagat Singh’!! 10/10 to the movie and the performances.

Courtesy – My dear Mama – Dr. Shashikant Bhujade.

This part of my life is called travelling!


Places Ive traveled in India


Fingers laid on my lappy, rush of thoughts in my head, metal wheel on the rolls, watching the world go by from my window pane, music in d background, no one disturbing or intruding my space nd privacy, bright sunny Sunday! Couldn’t ask for more… Feeling  the joy of doing nothing, yet doing something.


“Thousand people on the street, the rain is trying to drown my feet, thousand faces pass me by, mass & class nearby, a crowded train to take me home, if I close my eyes for a minute, to see the world move around in it, standing tall with wings to take me high, if I could fly, if I could fly, see the world beneath me, feel as though I am set free, oh if I could fly…”


Well I am just on my way back home, been quiet a while I’ve seen my family, my cutie doggy bubu, nd my sweatheart Lamya (bro’s daughter)! It also got me quiet a while thinking whether I should just start writing and let my thoughts find a good vent, bu may be there was a hitch, may be it was my lazinessss , may be jus a lil ignorance. But I guess one can either make excuses or take an action, but he can’t do both together. So I dropped the 1st idea.


I m just so excited with this whole fact of writing my personal (non commercial) blog while m in d train moving real fast, with my personal fav muzik shuffling in my playlist, oh feels awesome!!! Its one of the thing I always wanted to do in my life. Reminds me of the music video of ‘Star Guitar’ by Chemical Brothers.


I have in close contact my friends who write simply awesome! Hope I live up to them.


I may sound like a real retard nd a nervous rookie but that’s how everything in my life begins like, I don’t even know why to blog, what to blog or probably  what will I get out of it, or how would one react to it nd blah blah.. bu I have this habit of thinking excess for which I have found a ‘switch button’ which I have just switched off nd dropped my thinking cap, and just going with the flow, just being myself.


I’ve been traveling a lot from past 2 years, been to a lotta places across India, met numerous people.. didn’t ever imagine I would become a traveler someday. I’ve travelled India so much still I feel a lot still needs to be explored, its an amusing-amusing country! Wonder how cool wud the world travel mean to me. My frnd once said “man ur going places” I reacted duh, literally I am. Lol. It’s a great way to know the globe, explore people, races, culture, attitudes, beliefs, places and offcourse urself. It gives you an opportunity to come out your comfort zone and actually understand what you really are  as an individual. The journeys are the time when I feel I can meditate and connect with myself. Totally in alignment with my life. I get real gud privacy and time to speak to myself and dig deeper into my conscience. I think I am just too lucky to be experiencing the right events at the right time in my life, I believe and suggest that everybody should get a travel experience at the early ages in his/her life. Bonus : you can really answer the question “Aate daal ka bhaav malum hai kya huh?”.


You really get to meet unique identities during the journeys, some r too gud nd warm, some are pain. Yesterday after I finished up my wrk at Chennai, I wanted to see the Marina Beach, heard it’s the 3rd longest beach on earth ( stats may differ 😉 ) fr the very 1st time I would be traveling by Chennai Local, so I was at the train station where I met a complete stranger (a 19 yrs old chap), he approached me nd said I want to go to the beach can you help me? I thought in my mind, wow this is the same person who I was about to approach to ask him the way to the beach! Both were unaware of the routes bu at least he knew tamil so technically speaking he wasn’t a foreigner. I said ok lets go, and the blind-deaf duo left for the beach together, we got to know each other on the way, had sm snacks together, went to the beach where he showed me his revolver and took away all my money. Just kidding hihihi lol. All went well, we became gud friends exchanged numbers, he wanted to meet my friends asked me if I got their pics I showed him my childhood frnz pics taken at Mumbai etc.. he liked it v much. And by the way he looks like the young Micheal Jackson (kinda black olso), he also dances like MJ, so I asked him to teach me how to ‘Moonwalk’ (I damn want to learn how to do smooth moonwalking like d legendary MJ), bu he didn’t teach me…  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr He also asked to send me at least 1 mail daily (which I will not follow I know ;).. This is the third time I hanged out with a complete stranger, that’s what the best part of traveling, its royally unpredictable. I met him at the last day of my stay, if we really could rewind our life it feels as if we were supposed (destined) to meet so and so person at so and so place at so and so time, don’t know what the connection is but it exists, may be a debt, may be some kind of time transaction that needs to take place between the two people. While on the other hand u keep calling a person whom u want to meet desperately, but he/she doesn’t show up no matter how hard you try. Such is life! May be that’s one of the purpose of the specific time span we’re born with.


Got more to write but the lunch’s already been served, advantage of traveling in Rajdhani! “Jab Charlie daudta hai toh rajdhaani bhi ruk ke usko salute karti hai” hehehehe rmbrd? The Ghulam dialogue?? Neways did I just promote Indian Railways 😉 anyways I’ll finish my 1st post here, gorsh I did it already, through with my first gear in blogging. “Yatri kripaya dhyaan de, is blog par aur bhi posts aane ki aashanka hai” More to come baby..the Journey has just begun 🙂


“Anjaani raaho mein tu kya dhundta fire, door jisko samjha who to paas hai tere, ghoomta raha dur tu kahi udte badalo ki tarah, kahi se tujhe aai hai sada laut kea a ab zara…”


oh by the way I am Hemant, nice to meet u 🙂

Date – February 06 2011